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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Manju was my batchmate at IIm, Lucknow. He was a terrific singer and a great footballer and I recall with fond memories the fights we've had on the football fiels while playing the inter-hostel matches. I remember him him as a guy who was a rare commodity in an IIM for he was a very genuine person and perhaps was one of the efw who had no airs about him.

I have not been in touch with Manju since I graduated from IIML, but for me his death has come as a shock and since I depend upon the media for more information on what happened, I am trying to follow the story closely and the way it s being covered/or not covered is sad.

What angers me most about this incident is the total lack of interest in the media regarding this issue. I've seen the newsw broadcasts of various channels yesterday and all they could talk of was the Bihar elections or the Mumbai bye elections and so on. There was even a pretty large story on the truck driver who got kidnapped by the Taliban or Osama in afghanistan - I mean we have enough and more instances of terrorism and law & order failure in our own country - need we be so blatant in covering the issues of outisders - sometimes I even feel that the London blasts got more coverege than the recent Delhi ones.

Is the role of the media only to report and pass information that they gather through their various sources. Is there no responsibility for crating awareness and following it up with the official agencies and ensuring that action is taken.

I do not say this for this one instance but across issues the media has become sensationalist and seemingly believe in carpe diem and to hell with justice, action and all those things.

I as a friend of Manju and as a ordinary Indian am not interested in the gory details of any murder,accident or mishap. I want to know why it happended and who was responsible and what is being done about it. If I wanted to read a murder mystery with lots of blood in it I would have picked one up at the railway station or at the airport and while away time.